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Calling All (older) Correspondents

Having lately been involved in the archiving of old articles and various correspondence, some frustration has been noted. My contact info is not up-to-date! But this is understandable, as the associated time periods predate email and today’s Internet.

So, I’d love to hear from anyone with whom I shared letters way back when, especially from the 1980s and later.  Please pass on this note if you know anyone in this category (email contact here).

I was especially reminded of this, when I read Michael Wilcox’s note of February 9th, about a passive eq RIAA preamp, which had origins within my 1980 AES paper.

Many thanks in advance!

Walt Jung



Making Web Comments

After fighting various forms of SPAM comments for way too long, we’ve decided to try a new system for comments from users. It is effective now, and will enable a comment sent via email, on any aspect of this website.

Simply use MakeWebComment at as your target email, after changing the ” at ” appropriately (no spaces, subbing an uppercase 2). That’s it. Write on!