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A ‘By Request’ Entry Triggered by AX Interview

In the recent audioXpress interview, I mentioned Gary Galo’s Part 4 article, from the 1995 “Regulators for High-Performance Audio” series. I myself have been remiss in not making this valuable article available until now (not Gary). Fortunately, Gary has graciously agreed to do so, and a PDF of it is now available, either via this link, or via the ‘By Request’ page.

Consistent with this, the References & Regulators page has been updated, and now appears at the right as a blog page. Note — The old page is still available, as References & Regulators (old), under Meta links, but will not be updated further.

Thanks to Larry Burk for asking about it, and to Gary Galo for agreeing that it should be made available along with the other three parts. With the 2000 Improved Regulators, readers will now have a rather comprehensive set of ideas and circuit details on audio regulators. All good reading, but you might also wish to add Jack Walton’s testing article to your list. Enjoy!


Jack Walton Audio Regulator Test Article in Linear Audio V4

For all those audiophiles interested in clean power for your circuits, I call your attention to Jack Walton’s recent article in Linear Audio, Volume 4. The title is “A Comparative Overview of Power Supply Regulator Designs with Listening Tests”.  The five published volumes of Linear Audio are available for purchase at

I made some follow on comments to this article, which also appear on the website as a Letter-to-the-Editor, along with Jack’s response.  Good stuff!

Walt Jung Interview in October audioXpress magazine

I am pleased to announce that audioXpress has just published an interview with yours truly, as conducted by Shannon Becker. It appeared in their October issue on page 32, and I hope folks will find it a good read. It was fun doing it, with all of the pulling together of so many experiences over 50+ years with my audio and other electronic work.

This interview is available here as a PDF, through the courtesy of audioXpress. Thanks to audioXpress for this opportunity, and for those audiophile friends helpful in the process.  Note: see comment #1 below, if you get an “error 109” using IE9.

Note that the above PDF file has active links, and many of the articles mentioned can be accessed simply by clicking on the embedded link.

Here are links to some of the other articles mentioned within the interview, accessible directly from this web site:

On page 32 — “Those Long-Lost Hi-Fi Kits,” appeared in The Audiophile Voice, Vol. 10, #4, 2005.

On Page 34 — “Walt’s Tools and Tips columns on audio” are available here, on a special page.

On page 34 — Operating op-amps in a transconductance mode, from my 1980 AES paper appendix.

On page 35 — The “Baxandall Super Pair” forum thread on DIYaudio website. Note the specific post #103, correcting typos re authors Baxandall – Shallow.

On page 36 — Parts 1-3 of the 1995 regulator series appearing in TAA is available here, along with many other regulator and reference related articles.

On page 36 — The DN2540 MOSFET cascode pair writeup is also available here.

Site reorganization

A quick note on recent site changes.

We are slowly phasing out the old structure, and either replacing or complementing it with this new blog. The most recent articles now appear as a special page. This functionally replaces the old “WhatsNew” page.

The old “Library” pages will be replaced on the Meta Links menu, on the right side (in due time). An example: RIAA Stuff is now updated.

Enjoy. Your feedback is welcome.

Walt Jung