Mike Sulzer 1980/1981 Regulator Articles

We are very pleased to be able to have available here in PDF format Mike Sulzer’s classic articles from The Audio Amateur, issues 2/1980 and 1/1981. These two articles are: A High Quality Power Supply Regulator for Operational Amplifier Preamplifiers (published in TAA issue 2/80), and Regulators Revisited (published in TAA issue 1/81). A  ZIPfile package of these two articles is available, for fastest downloads.

These two articles are unquestionably classic mileposts among DIY audiophiles, and essentially started the serious development of quality regulation as an integral part of higher performance audio schemes.

Our sincere thanks go to Guest Contribution author Mike Sulzer for responding to the initial request from Waltsblog reader Nikolaos Baxevanakis, and making these articles available. So, enjoy the articles Nikolaos!

Of course, we hope that many other readers (and re-readers) may also do so.