RIAA Stuff

This collection of documents involve accurate phonograph reproduction according to the RIAA curve.

1993: SPICE Technique Compares Frequency Responses‘ appeared as an EDN Design Idea, November 25, 1993, pp. 188, 190. This article illustrates how to enable a software-based frequency response comparison using SPICE, between an ideal RIAA deemphasis curve and a modeled reproducing amplifier.

1980: ‘Topology Considerations for RIAA Phono Preamplifiers‘ AES Preprint # 1719, was presented at the Fall 1980 AES convention. The networks featured can be used in either active or passively equalized preamps.

1980: A High Accuracy Inverse RIAA Network‘ by Stanley Lipshitz and Walt Jung, appeared in The Audio Amateur, Issue 1/1980, pp. 22-24.


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