Memories of Bob Milne

The post below was originally prepared as a stand-alonepiece, but has grown in context with numerous comments  from Bob Milne’s fellow editors and other friends. Be sure to scroll down and read all of these comments!Bob Milne (courtesy ED)

Bob Milne was an Electronic Design editor for more than 20  years. He was one blessed with not only great technical skills, but also a wonderful persona. He was born Mar 22, 1940 and passed away Feb 14, 2011.

When I received news a few months ago of Bob’s passing, I wrote up a piece similar to what is below, and passed it on to ED columnist Bob Pease and the Electronic Design editors. Now with the more recent passing of Bob Pease (see the related posting here), it seems all the more important that Bob Milne (who in fact edited Pease’s columns) be honored. Bob Pease also had some very good things to say about Bob Milne, on Milne’s ED retirement.

With regard to Bob Milne, I’d go so far to say that he was an engineer’s editor. He was always wary of publishing rules, but also well tuned into the technical side, especially the analog art. And, he knew what would fly and what wouldn’t. Always fun to work with.

My personal association with Bob began around 1990, when I visited the Electronic Design New Jersey offices while with Linear Technology. With mutual interests in analog, audio, and computers, Bob and I simply hit it off from the start. It was to be a happy working rapport that lasted until Bob retired fully from Electronic Design, around 2005.

During those years, we worked together many times. He taught me a lot about magazine technical publishing, especially during 1997-1998, when I was doing the “Walt’s Tools and Tips” column, while with Analog Devices. Bob was primarily responsible for my opportunity to do such a column, and for this I will always be grateful. He was very good at honing a wordy manuscript down to size, while minimally impacting technical content. We had great fun doing that series, and I valued that relationship and our continued friendship after his retirement.

Our friend Bob deserves honor for the good work he did for so long and so well. He’ll be missed here; as well I’m sure in other analog-savvy places.

Walt Jung