Jim Williams and Bob Pease Remembered

It is a sad time for analog designers and indeed, all of us familiar with the writings of Jim Williams and Bob Pease. Both men passed on within the last week or so, Jim after a stroke, and Bob in a car accident, just after attending a service for Jim.

I prepared a remembrance of Jim and Bob for Paul Rako, EDN’s analog editor, which appears within his Anablog. Paul has done a great job of assembling tributes to these two men, and everyone will find these memories a very good read. Very sad as well, but still, lots of good things to remember about both.

Some further tributes to these two prolific analog engineering contributors have been posted by Rich Pell and Patrick Mannion.

Kent Lunberg has prepared a bibliography of the works of Jim Williams.  He has also embarked on a (re)reading of Williams app notes, and blogs about this.

Linear Technology has prepared a special web page dedicated to Jim Williams Remembered.

National Semiconductor has prepared a special web page dedicated to Remembering Bob Pease.

Walt Jung