Sources 101

This was a great article and I actually built a test circuit based on Figure 16a in part 2 of the article.  However, I wanted to use the source for a mosfet in a headphone amp circuit.  The circuit is designed to operate the mosfet at 150 mA.  I used a more robust transistor in place of the pn2222a.  It worked just fine and I was able to dial in 150 mA of current.  However, I don’t have the test equipment to measure performance.   I’m curious if anyone has tried to get more current out of this circuit and what type of performance resulted.

One thought on “Sources 101”

  1. Thanks Javier. I added the link to part 2 of Sources 101, making it a tad easier to find.

    That said, what was your NPN xstr pick, for Q1? Did you use the 317 or a DN2540 for the prereg (U2 or M1).