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cropped-wj_portrait_3c_avatar.jpgThe books listed below were authored by Walter G. (Walt) Jung, and originally published beginning in 1974.  While many have gone out of print, copies can still be easily obtained on the used market. For convenience in finding a book, search links to Abe Books are provided, as directed by the ISBN for a particular edition. All the cited links have been verified as of 2015. Note also the cover photos showing the catalog number, which, along with the ISBN, will ensure a valid selection.

Note! With multiple editions and multiple printings of the books available, it behooves the buyer to make sure of exactly just what book is being purchased. So, verify the exact edition and the condition of the copy with the applicable vendor. It is highly recommended that one deal only with vendors providing a satisfaction guarantee.

Howard W. Sams Books

  • 1974: IC Op Amp Cookbook was published in 1974 by Howard W. Sams,  as ISBN 0672209691. Covering 8 Chapters within 591 pages, it was one of the first practical books on IC op amp Cookbook_1ed001applications. It has had the good fortune to have been in print in three different editions and multiple printings since that time. Note that the search link below is specific to this ISBN (be sure to identify the ISBN in any search).

IC Op Amp Cookbook 1st Ed. Search  

  • 1980: IC Op Amp Cookbook, 2nd Edition was published in 1980 by Howard W. Sams as ISBN 0672216957. This new edition Cookbook_2ed_002dropped the ‘Audio’ and ‘Unique Devices’ chapters of the first, both of which were moved into stand-alone books (see below). Covering 10 Chapters in 480 pages, the new edition followed the first edition in popularity.

IC Op Amp Cookbook 2nd Ed. Search

  • 1986: IC Op Amp Cookbook, 3rd Edition was published in 1986 by HowardCookbook_3ed_001 W. Sams as ISBN 0672224534. This edition retained the general outline of the second, covering 10 Chapters in 581 pages. This edition was broadly updated over the 2nd Ed., adding nearly 100 new pages. It has remained popular, even to this day. A special note here— if you are looking for a quality used copy of this 3rd Edition, this is the recommended one (link just below).

IC Op Amp Cookbook (Sams) 3rd Ed. search

  • 1997: IC Op Amp Cookbook, 3rd Edition was transferred to Prentice Hall PTR and republished in 1997, as ISBN 0138896011. The content of this edition is identical to the Howard W. Sams edition of 1986 described just above. Unfortunately however, print quality has been intolerably poor with this publisher. Because of this, if buying a new copy, be forewarned. Given this record, the safest advice is to avoid any used PTR copies, or to verify their print quality before buying. Used copies from some PTR print runs may be OK, but do verify the print clarity of the specific copy with the bookseller first!

 IC Op Amp Cookbook (PTR) 3rd Ed. Search

  • 1975: Unique IC Op Amp Applications was published in 1975 by Howard W. Sams as ISBN 0672211637. This book was originally a single chapter within the Unique_0011974 first edition IC Op Amp Cookbook. It covered such unique IC devices as: Programmable Characteristic Op Amps, Multichannel Digitally Programmable Op Amps, Operational Transconductance Op Amps, and Current Differencing Amplifiers. It consisted of five chapters on these ICs, within 144 pages.

Unique IC Op Amp Applications Search

  • 1975: Audio IC Op Amp Applications was published in 1975 by Howard WAudio_Apps1ed_001. Sams as ISBN 0672211610. This book was also originally a single chapter in the first edition of the IC Op Amp Cookbook. It covered IC op amps useful to audio applications, along with their applications. It was to become almost as popular as the main cookbook from which it was derived, ultimately growing into 2nd and 3rd editions. The book consisted of six chapters on these audio topics, within 144 pages. An Ebook edition appeared in 2015.

Audio IC Op Amp Applications Search

  • 1978: Audio IC Op Amp Applications, 2nd Edition was published in 1978 Audio_Apps2ed_001by Howard W. Sams as ISBN 0672215586. This book was an update and expansion of the 1975 first edition. Covering the same general material, this new book also added substantial new material on op amp noise and distortion testing. It consisted of six chapters on these audio topics, within 208 pages.

Audio IC Op Amp Applications 2nd Ed. Search

  • 1986: Audio IC Op Amp Applications, 3rd Edition was published in 1986Audio_Apps3ed_001 by Howard W. Sams as ISBN 0672224526, an update of the 1978 edition. While still covering the same general material of the first two editions, this new book expanded appreciably. It consisted of six chapters, within 319 pages.

Audio IC Op Amp Applications 3rd Ed. Search

  • 1977: IC Timer Cookbook was published in 1977 by Howard W. Sams as ISBN 0672214164. TTimer1ed_001his book covered the various types of integrated circuit timers, including the very popular 555, as well as CMOS counter/timer chips. It consisted of six chapters and four appendices, in 287 pages.

IC Timer Cookbook Search

  • 1983: IC Timer Cookbook, 2nd Edition was published in 1983 by HowarTimer2ed_001d W. Sams as ISBN 0672219328. This expanded edition on timers covered the same device array as the first edition, but featured substantially broader coverage. It consisted of seven chapters and five appendices, in 384 pages.

IC Timer Cookbook 2nd Ed. Search

  • 1978: IC Converter Cookbook was published in 1978 by Howard W. SaConverter_001ms as ISBN 0672215276. This book covered the types of integrated circuit D/A and A/D converters available, along with their operational theory and applications, consisting of 8 Chapters in 576 pages.

IC Converter Cookbook Search

Hayden Books

  • 1980: IC Array Cookbook was published by Hayden books in 1980 as ISBN 0810407620. It coveArray_001red designs and applications for multiple transistor and diode arrays in monolithic IC form. Examples would be the CA3018, CA3046, CA3086, etc. Although many of these ICs have now disappeared, the book covers those basic design concepts useful for other matched monolithic parts, as well as for discrete transistor circuits.

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Analog Devices Books

  • 2002: In addition to the above Howard W. Sams and Hayden books in the commercial marketplace, Walt Jung more recently edited another op amp book, working for Analog Devices. This book, known as the Op AmpOA_Apps_001 Applications seminar notes, was published as ISBN 0916550265. The book consists of nearly 1000 pages of detailed application concepts useful in applying op amps, along with detailed historical notes on the evolution of op amps beginning in the 1940’s. The book was published in 2002 as part of an ADI seminar program. It is available from ADI as a (free) download, in either complete form (as a ZIPfile), or by individual chapters (see the link below).
  • It was a pleasure to work on this book, along with the many numerous and talented ADI authors of the various sections. It was also a pleasure to read a fine review of it, by Chuck Hansen, in AudioXpress, 04/04. ADI went on to publish a version with Newnes, Op Amp Applications Handbook, ISBN 0750678445. Note— this book is similar in basic content to the seminar notes.

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