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This page is devoted to new Ebook editions of my various books, which first appeared back in 1974. It is hoped that many of these out-of-print books  can be re-introduced here, as Ebooks. The idea is to make available new versions as bookmarked PDF files, fully searchable, and easy to utilize. While this serves as a lasting archive for the books, it also extends their basic utility.

This effort begins with a 1975 publication, Audio IC Op-Amp Front Cover__001Applications (1st edition). This is fitting indeed, as it is concurring with the 40th anniversary of the book’s original publication!

To obtain a PDF copy of this (or another) Ebook write to me requesting it by name. You can just fill in the form below, and you will then receive a special link for download. Please do pay attention to the information in this email.

Right now there is just the above Ebook available, but more are planned.

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2 thoughts on “Walt Jung Ebooks”

  1. I created a silly faux pas by missing the CR page in the 1st Ebook, namely Audio IC Op Amp Applications Jung 1975 2015. It has been added now, and anyone previously downloading a copy should repeat the process, so as to obtain the corrected copy.

    Note the added notes to the page in question (page 2 of the PDF). Ebooks with annotations, a way to add relevant info as an enhancement layer!

  2. Ebooks are under a hiatus for now. They may resume, I’m not sure.

    Thanks to all who have commented.

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