Walt’s Blog is back!

This notice is to inform the users of this website about current and or pending changes to Walt’s Blog. It is back!

The blog site ceased operation over the past months, with most if not all PDF content moved into an archival format. This content will continue to be available, via the Site Pages link at www.waltjung.org.

We are happy to note some recent Walt Jung articles, just below. Click the highlighted link to download a copy. Comments are welcome.

Most Recent WaltJung.org Articles

2017: ‘A Sources 101 Update’ Is a new and updated article related to the original ‘Sources 101’ as referenced below. It appeared in AudioXpress in June 2017, and includes detailed analysis of the test methodology. It also includes both SPICE results and new high performance circuits with their associated lab results. Note that the Sources 101 Kit (below) includes all relevant materials, including LTSpice test files.

2016: ‘Sources 101 Kit’ Is a ZIPfile summary of ‘Sources 101’ and the related follow-up letters from AudioXpress; April 2007, May 2007, September 2007, and April 2009. Download this for a complete summary.

Watch these blog pages for additional content of importance.

Walt Jung