Www.WaltJung.org Shutting Down

This notice is to inform all users of this website about important changes.

The WWW.WaltJung.org and the associated blog site, Waltsblog.WaltJung.org/ will be ceasing operation in July of this year.

1) Future Communications: With this event, all email addresses which now end in @waltjung.org will stop operating. New email addresses ending in @ownmail.net will thereafter be the functional replacement, i.e., “name@waltjung.org” becomes “name@ownmail.net”.

2) Future Content: All the PDFs associated with the original site will be retained offline. What is not guaranteed to be available after this shutdown are the interactive “glue” pages, which presently make up Waltsblog.WaltJung.org. Those interested in this content should avail themselves of it now, prior to the shutdown.

Thanks to everyone for the interest and support over the years!


June 8, 2018

It has been noticed that an unauthorized posting of this website’s PDF content has been made. A request has been filed that this be removed.

In due time, I plan to provide some access to the archival PDFs, but on my terms.

Walt Jung

The unauthorized posting of this website’s PDF content has now been removed, thanks.